Single Process Color

One solid color in one process. Can be used for gray coverage, shine and a new base color.
Price: $75 – $90

INOA ( innovative no ammonia color)

L’Oreal’s leading no ammonia permanent hair color for all hair types. An oil activated color system.
Price: $80+

Double process-Platinum Retouch

A two-step coloring process generally used when going all over lighter or for a dramatic intense color.
Price: $125+

Full Balayage

Hand painted highlights throughout the whole head, used to customize a natural look with a softer less noticeable re-growth.
Price: $225+

Partial Balayage

Hand painted highlights throughout the top and sides of the hair without affecting the hair color in the back of the head.
Price: $175+

Face Frame Balayage

A very subtle approach to a hand painted highlight, giving just a soft sunkissed effect around the face.
Price: Based on consultation with stylist

Full Highlights

Perfect for someone who is looking to achieve lightness and contrast through the entire head.
Price: $200+

Partial Highlights

Lightness and dimension created just on sides and top of head without effect the hair on the back of the head.
Price: $160+

Corrective Color

A service that requires several steps to create a new color. Can be accomplished in one to several visits, depending on the change and condition of the hair.
Price: Based on Consultation


Used to achieve shine or luster, or to deepen or richen color. Also used to remove or cancel unwanted tones.
Price: $40+

Men’s Camo Color

5 minute gray camouflage color formulated specifically for men.
Price: $30 – $50

Please note: Prices listed here are a starting point and vary on the length and thickness of your hair. The price also depends on the stylist’s experience.