Great Lengths

Invisible, long-lasting individual hair strands that are fused into the hair with a natural keratin bond. Great Lengths also offers its App service, which is a quicker, alternative application that creates thickness and length. To learn more about Great Lengths, please click here.
Price: Based on consultation

Dream Catchers

Used with 100% European Remy hair. Individual hair extensions are attached with a coated micro cylinder bead. Maintenance is required every 4-6 weeks. Extensions can be worn up to 6 months. To learn more about Deam Catchers, please click here.
Price: Based on consultation

Halo Couture (Hair in an instant)

Instant hair extension that adds body, volume and length in a matter of seconds. Can be worn daily or for a special occasion. Applied yourself with a miracle wire that is instantly concealed. To learn more about Halo Couture, please click here.
Price: $325+

Please note: Prices listed here are a starting point and vary on the length and thickness of your hair. The price also depends on the stylist’s experience.