Remember those hot oil treatments? All those promises: shiny hair, manageability, a cool little tube to accidentally squirt all over the shower curtain. Here’s the next generation: Salon Vanity’s Moroccan Oil hair treatment. The superstar ingredient is argan oil, found only in nuts produced by a rare Moroccan tree. A derivative of the oil is applied to shampooed and conditioned hair and rubbed into the scalp. Then you sit under a heated dryer for seventeen minutes while the oil works its magic: easing scalp irritation that may cause dandruff; adding moisture; and sealing the hair cuticle to make your locks look and feel soft, healthy, and shiny. Did we mention it smells delicious? Owner Edmondo Blando suggests adding some of the oil to your shampoo and conditioner for an added boost at home. But that’s only if you really want to get nuts. Available at Salon Vanity, 1126 Walnut Street (215-925-2211). See on Daily Candy