One of the things that sets Salon Vanity apart from the other Philadelphia Salons is our passionate and present owner, Edmondo Blando. We wanted to help you get to know him a little better, so we sat down for a Q & A. Enjoy!

Q.  How did you get your passion for hair?

A.  Men’s fashion was always appealing to me. I never wanted to be the ‘average Joe’. I came from a family that was in the tailoring business, so for me, it was always important to have ‘good threads’. Hair was always the final touch to the perfect outfit. Another driver for becoming a stylist was the huge gender gap in the hair industry, I felt like men weren’t well represented and I wanted to change that.

Q.  When did you first become a stylist?

A.  I first became a stylist in my garage doing hair for friends, family, and whoever would let me get my hands on their hair. I first worked at Salon Fernando when I was just finishing beauty school.

Q.  When did you open Salon Vanity?

A.  May of 2005.

Q.  What’s your favorite thing about doing hair?

A.  Being present physically and mentally in the moment. I love being able to give a client hair that makes him or her empowered with beauty. Not to mention building confidence and trust with each client’s experience.

Q.  What makes Salon Vanity special?

A.  There are so many amazing things about this salon. From my dream concept, which is carried out by my talented team, to the vibrant energy that beams throughout the salon which is only possible because of our devoted clients. The mentor/mentee system that we have established also contributes to what makes Vanity unique.

Q.  What are some words that describe Vanity?

A.  Educated Team, hardworking, market leaders, top of the line products/stylists, culture and sense of family among the staff.

Q.  Fun Fact about Ed: What’s your guilty pleasure?

A.  I love to aimlessly wander the streets of Philly. It helps me to unwind, create relaxation, and observe new trends.