New trends evolve around the world each and every day. But in the hair world… It’s more like every 5 minutes.

When you’re trying to keep up with the latest and greatest trends ask yourself, “How am I supposed to transition from my blonde hair to a crystal chrome trendy color, without damaging my locks?!” At Salon Vanity, we use only the latest and greatest, L’Oreal Professionnel’s Smartbond.  This is one of our favorite treatment additives yet!

Smartbond is a system composed of three steps. Steps 1 & 2 are done in the salon, where step 3 comes into play at home.

            Step 1 will be mixed in with your color, lightener, or bleach to protect and strengthen the hair’s bonds. Step 2 is a pre shampoo. This will be lathered throughout your hair after the chemical residue has already been rinsed. Last but not least, step 3. This step, is for you to apply at home. Once a week, after shampooing your hair, apply Smartbond 3 throughout your hair and leave it sit for about 2-3 minutes, as you would your conditioner and rinse.

Now that we’ve broken down the steps, this is what Smartbond is actually doing for you. This miracle working treatment protects and strengthens hair during any color and lightening service. It is also known for softening and brightening colored hair, over time. As the treatment works inside the hair shaft to renew the color treated strands, it acts as a lubricant between protein chains to make the hair less brittle and provide more elasticity. Not to mention providing extreme smooth & shine results!

This treatment is not just for over processed colored clients. Smartbond is extremely useful for all types of clients, specifically those who engage in the following: retexturizing treatments, any color application, and not to mention all of you hot tool addicts out there!

            It’s quite clear that Smartbond is the Laverne to our Shirley, Thelma to our Louise, and Meredith to our Cristina. Essentially, Smartbond is Salon Vanity’s B.F.F.L.

            Having a hard time trying to grasp the idea? Click here to see some of our Smartbond transformations!