Between the dry heat in your home, and frigid air outside, your hair has become a victim of the wicked winter weather. However, don’t panic! We’re here to give you some advice to help your hair stay nourished and healthy for the rest of the season.

First thing is first, fashion (obviously). Whether it be a super cute skull cap from The North Face, to a crocheted beanie by Canada Goose, hats are a MUST. You’re going to need to protect your luscious locks from all of the harsh wind, rain, and snow. I know what you’re thinking… “But… what about hat hair?!” A silk scarf will fix that along with helping maintain static cling! All you have to do is wrap your hair in a silk scarf, then put your hat on over it!

A silk scarf isn’t the only thing that is going to manage all of your static cling. Using a heat protectant such as Crème Magistral, by Kerastase, before, or after styling your hair will help prevent any static. Not only will it help protect against the heat, but it will also keep your hair nourished and soft!

Don’t feel like washing your hair every day? In this season, you shouldn’t! Especially going outside with wet hair… 1. You could very well catch a cold. 2. Your hair will become brittle and dry from the cold air. Fresh Dust, a dry shampoo by L’Oreal, is going to help your hair have a fresh look without the fresh wash!

Be sure to stay regular with your trims, as well as glosses, which are usually about every 6-8 weeks. This way you’ll be able to keep up with those dry, split ends. When scheduling your next appointment, ask about our Fusio Dose conditioning treatments (which are customizable to accommodate your hair needs), along with adding bond building treatments, such as Olaplex or Smartbond to your color services! These treatments will only add a few extra minutes to your appointment. Plus, your hair is going to need as much moisture to lock in as possible.

Get ahold of this winter weather and let us help you, help your hair!

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